Monday, September 30, 2013

Potions & Stamps Hack (Jailbroken Only, Sorry!)

Hey there!

I figure it’s about time for a new tutorial instead of personal updates!
I’ve been getting questions about how I have so many potions and stamps (9,006 and 9,247 respectively) so here’s my tutorial on how to do this. Unfortunately it’s only for jailbroken devices (sorry!).

You are going to need:
  • A jailbroken device
  • Cydia
  • Sinful iPhone Repo source (
  • iFile (from Sinful)
  • Pocket Frogs (of course!)
  • A couple of working fingers!

All right, here we go!

You’re going to want to add the sinful iphone repo source to your list on Cydia and download iFile (it’s free – if it’s not, you’re not downloading the right one; also it might be a “cracked” version).  

Go into Pocket Frogs and see what your next set is. Mine is “Summer Fruits.” 

Breed/buy all the frogs that you need.

Woo! Now this is where iFile comes in. The app is going to look like this:

Enter the app. It's accessing the files on your device and is where information from your apps is stored. You'll probably be in a weird looking folder (perhaps it's just a forward slash /). Find "var." If you're already in var, then you're ahead of the game!
From var find mobile. Then Applications, then you get to a list of folders that looks like a bunch of numbers and letters thrown together. The Pocket Frogs app folder is going to start out named "C8D7BF56-E4C2..."and is fairly long, as shown below. 

Click on that folder when you find it. There should be another couple folders that say "Documents," "Library," and "Pocket" Click on Pocket You'll have to scroll for a long, long time, and everything is in alphabetical order, but we are looking for a file under the name of "patternTable.csv.txt." 

Click on it. Something like this should show up:

There's a book-looking icon in the bottom right hand corner - click it and bookmark this page. You're probably going to want to find it a little faster next time you use it.

So! Now we get to the fun part. You see a list of all the frog patterns and their levels. In the upper left corner, there's an "edit" button. In my case, I'm going to click edit and alter the levels of Frondis, Pulvillus, Insero, and Lunaris. The levels are the last number in the row after the comma following the pattern name. The highest level the game will recognize is 250 - don't go any higher than that or it'll make your game geek out. 

Once satisfied with changing the levels, press save and done. We're halfway there. Now, since the changes have to take effect, double click your home button and exit out of Pocket Frogs. Then open it back up (so that you see the Pocket Frogs logo and intro screen, thus resetting the game so the levels can change). See? Now that the levels have changed, the number of potions and stamps that I get have changed also. The relation is between how rare the frogs are and how many potions and stamps you deserve for your trouble of collecting this set.

Now redeem, and enjoy your potions and stamps! Also, at this point, if you're not going to give the set to anyone else, you can sell the frogs for an insane amount of money. This is also a good way to earn lots of money fast (which is another tutorial I have already done). 

One last thing: don't forget to go back into iFile and change the levels back to their normal numbers, or else it will be a pain to buy these frogs and you won't be able to breed them. You can also use iFile to change the levels to something lower. For instance, when I need to buy a bunch of high level frogs (or breed a bunch of them) I will first go into iFile and change the levels to 1, which makes them very cheap, very easy to tame, and thus very easy to breed. Then later I can go in and change the level to 250 and in effect multiply the monetary value by over 4,000 times. (You can earn around 235,000 coins per frog this way.) You also might have to play around with the date and time a little bit so that you don't have to wait for the frogs to mature, since the developers are getting smart about their users and the "hacks" we come up with.

Well, I think that's all. If you have any questions, I'm always available by email! I'd love to hear if this benefitted you (or if there's something wrong with this process, or even if you're a little confused!). I love feedback and I desperately want to make sure I'm clear with my tutorials, or else it's more confusing that it is helpful, and we don't want that!

Happy frogging, everyone, and happy October (almost)!



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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frog Patterns

Hey all!

I now have at least one frog out of all the patterns, so now I just need to get cracking on finishing all those colors!

Requests are still open, as always! Shoot me an email with a list of frogs and your ID and I'll get them to you (:

Happy frogging!


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Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm Back!

Hey guys!

Again, it's been a while since I last posted and in that span of time I've been fairly inactive. I apologize for that! But I'm back in action and trying to finish my froggydex (again) as well as catching up on all the sets that I've missed over the past few months. So far out of the new frogs I've gotten Templum, Papilio, and Skeletos up to 100%. 

Which means I've only gone from 54% to 57%, but hey, it's progress, slow and sure. (So I guess that means I gain one whole percent every time I complete a new pattern.)

Currently I'm working on getting my Pluma set ready for the process of completion (if you don't understand what I mean, see my blogpost about quickly filling up your froggydex). However, there are a few frogs that I still need to begin completing my entire dex:


I don't need them immediately and it doesn't matter what color combinations; I just need the patterns. One of each, just to get it started. If you could lend a hand like I've lent a hand to many of you, I'd greatly appreciate it. (:

Also, I've noticed that NimbleBit must have caught on to the simple time hack that many of us have discovered (Turning forward time to get the frogs to grow up quicker) and have countered it by making it so that when you go back to the original date, all of your frogs are babies in eggs. While this is smart on their part, there is still a loophole I've used to get around it. This new addition makes my time hack post obsolete, so I suppose I should update it before I get any angry emails claiming I lied to my fellow Pocket Froggers. I'll get right on that, guys. Sorry about that. 

Well, I guess that's it for me! Just wanted to update you and let you know I haven't died (:
Happy Frogging!

Vickerooni out


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Frogs!

Hey everyone! So I know it's been a long time since I've posted here (whoops!) so I apologize! I know this post is a little late anyway, but there are new frogs!! This is both exciting as well as frustrating for me since I thought I had finished my froggydex last January. So for them to add all these new frogs, I'm back down to 54%. Grrr. But oh well. Some of the new designs are really pretty and neat!

Anyway, I am a lot less active than I used to be due to some issues, but! I am still available to give out some of these new designs and levels! So just add me on Game Center (Vickerooni) and I shall get back to you with a new awesome frog (:

Happy frogging!
Over and out,


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

100% Froggydex/Awards/Sets
100% percent DONE!
I actually finished it about a month ago (May 13-14ish) so this is a little late, but I have neglected to post something about it until now. Anyway! I also have completed all the awards (as you can see in the photo) and have completed all the sets (from Hypnofrog, 2010 set 45 to Father's Day, 2012 set 24.) My Pocket Frogs profile is practically complete!
If you are new to this blog/pocket frogs and wondering (or just wondering), it didn't take me years to achieve this. It actually took me less than one whole year. Still wondering how I did it? I have a post here on how to fill your froggydex up really quickly! It makes things go a lot faster.(

Please check it out - you'll be happy you did. 

Anyway, that's all for now!
Vickerooni out. 


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Monday, May 14, 2012

Normal Frog Combinations to get Chroma and Glass Frogs

Normal Frog Combinations to get Chroma and Glass Frogs 

(The first two frogs are the frogs you NEED; the third and final frog is the product of those two)

Purple Viola Puncti and Olive Cafea Puncti for Glass Viola Puncti
Maroon Tingo Tribus and Orange Albeo Puncti to get a Glass Tingo Tribus
Lime Callaina Anura and Red Floris Anura for a Lime Chroma Anura
Red Bruna Tribus and Cocos Carota Tribus for a Red Chroma Tribus
Purple Picea Tribus and Yellow Aurum Tribus for Glass Picea Tribus
Purple Picea Tribus and Aqua Albeo Tribus for Glass Albeo Tribus
Blue Carota Lanterna and Pink Muscus Tribus for Glass Muscus Lanterna
Red Bruna Lanterna and Yellow Tingo Lanterna for Glass Tingo Lanterna
Yellow Tingo Lanterna and Aqua Pruni Lanterna for Glass Pruni Lanterna
Lime Floris Lanterna and Blue Carota Lanterna for Glass Floris Lanterna
Olive Caelus Lanterna and Beige Viola Lanterna for Glass Viola Lanterna
Aqua Pruni Lanterna and Beige Viola Lanterna for Glass Pruni Lanterna
Aqua Folium Crustalli and Black Picea Anura for Glass Picea Crustalli
Aqua Pruni Lanterna and Violet Ceres Lanterna for Glass Ceres Lanterna
Royal Tingo Crustalli and Beige Callaina Anura for Glass Tingo Crustalli
White Viola Adamantis and Golden Picea Roboris for Glass Viola Roboris
Black Tingo Viduo Golden Albeo Roboris for Glass Albeo Viduo
White Floris Cesti and White Floris Nimbilis for Glass Floris Nimbilis
Black Viola Anura and White Picea Floresco for Glass Viola Floresco
Olive Folium Gyrus and Blue Callaina Persona for Glass Folium Persona
Red Albeo Orbis and Orange Picea Signum for Glass Picea Signum
Red Albeo Orbis and Blue Callaina Persona for Glass Albeo Orbis
Blue Carota Amfractus and Cocos Ceres Magus for Glass Carota Magus
Emerald Callaina Adamantis and Purple Pruni Adamantis for Glass Callaina Adamantis
Lime Tingo Anura and Black Caelus Adamantis for Glass Tingo Adamantis
Cocos Cafea Signum and Azure Carota Signum for Glass Carota Signum
Pink Albeo Signum and Royal Folium Signum for Glass Albeo Signum
Purple Pruni Signum and Black Caelus Signum for Glass Caelus Signum
White Picea Roboris and Black Caelus Signum for Glass Caelus Roboris
Aqua Bruna Roboris and Azure Carota Roboris for Glass Carota Roboris
Azure Carota Roboris and Pink Albeo Roboris for Glass Albeo Roboris
Pink Albeo Partiri and Violet Aurum Partiri for Glass Albeo Partiri
Maroon Albeo Serpentis and Azure Carota Geminus for Glass Albeo Geminus
Red Albeo Serpentis and Olive Tingo Serpentis for Glass Tingo Serpentis
Olive Tingo Serpentis and Orange Aurum Stellata for Glass Tingo Serpentis
Tangelo Aurum Stellata and Cocos Cafea Stellata for Glass Cafea Stellata
Green Floris Stellata and Olive Tingo Stellata for Glass Floris Stellata
Emerald Callaina Stellata and Beige Ceres Stellata for Glass Ceres Stellata
Pink Albeo Stellata and Cocos Cafea Stellata for Glass Albeo Stellata
White Carota Stellata and Cocos Cafea Stellata for Glass Cafea Stellata
Purple Pruni Dextera and Violet Aurum Dextera for Glass Aurum Dextera
Beige Ceres Viduo and Tangelo Carota Viduo for Glass Ceres Viduo
Golden Caelus Viduo and Emerald Callaina Viduo for Glass Callaina Viduo
Lime Pruni Viduo and Cocos Cafea Viduo for Glass Cafea Viduo

Feel free to email me if there are errors in the above combinations!


Plus+ ID: Vickerooni
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Make Lots of Money Fast! When Cheating Comes in Really Handy by Vickerooni

Pocket Frogs –  Make Lots of Money Fast! When Cheating Comes in Really Handy
by Vickerooni

Welcome! This is mainly for those of you who have jailbroken devices. (If you have a jailbroken device, skip to down a couple paragraphs to begin the tutorial.) For those of you with non-jailbroken devices, you may still read on.


**NOTE: Sometimes you won't get the exact frog you wanted - sometimes even the breed type will change! I'm not liable if this happens! If you end up getting 255 Anuras, then you're still earning money, so don't come complaining to me!**

Clear out your mailbox. Buy the most expensive frog you have/can think of. (Believe me, it will pay off immensely.) So say I bought a Veru. Wait for it to arrive in the mailbox (or use the time cheat and skip forward a few days in your “time and date” settings). DON’T click on the frog yet. Go into your mailbox and look at it. Looks pretty doesn’t it? Looks expensive, huh? Here’s the crucial part. Hold your hand up. Make the peace sign with your first and middle fingers. After you click on the frog in the mailbox, make sure to touch your choice habitat screen with BOTH FINGERTIPS at the SAME TIME. So click on the frog in the mailbox. Click on the HABITAT with BOTH FINGERS. If it worked, you should have two Verus (or your choice expensive frog) in your desired habitat. Also, you should have around 250 of that same frog (although it’s highly possible it will be an entirely different color) in your mailbox. Add to your habitats and sell as you please. See? Money money money (:

(MATH EXAMPLE: I bought an Olive Tingo Veru for 101,570 coins. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? I waited for it to arrive in my mailbox, did the cheat properly and ended up with 255 of a Veru frog. The max value for that frog (around 10,157) multiplied by how many frogs I can sell (255) equals 2,590,035 coins! The price you paid for that frog (101,570) has been multiplied 25.5 times. Your total profit is 2,488,465 coins. Appreciate this cheat. It is amazing.


All right, now is for those of you who have a jailbroken device. Welcome! First of all, you need to go and find iFile in Cydia (the cracked version from SiNfuL iPhone Repo, preferably:

Okay! Now for the cheating :D

All righty. Firstly, clear out your mailbox. I just recently did this cheat (and this is the first time something has been wacky) and had the choice frog in the mailbox for a while during the time other items had been pushed through. I ended up with not the frog I wanted, but 250 bronze stars instead. No thanks, that’s not what I wanted. So, clear out your mailbox!! 

I usually choose a level 1 frog, like an Anura initially, just to make things simpler. So buy your choice low-level frog and go look at it in the mailbox. Click on it in the mailbox and WAIT. When the habitats pop up and you go to choose one, click on the habitat with TWO FINGERS, like you’re kissing your screen with your fingertips from the peace sign. If it worked, you should have two of that frog in the habitat and around 250 in your mailbox. NOTE: It should be the same frog, but it’s very possible the colors were replaced with different ones. For example, I ordered a black caelus anura and did this cheat and ended up with all green callaina anuras. Same frog breed, just different colors. Don’t freak out, it’s all right. 

So, now that you’ve got a ton of these frogs in your mailbox, WAIT again. You’ve got two in your choice habitat. Now using iFile comes into play. You will need to find a text file named “PatternTable.csv.” Go into iFile. Click Applications. There should be a long list of seemingly random letters and numbers. Scroll until you see something looking like this: “5BB00E15-A1B4…-894B4AD2B507”. Click on that folder. If it’s the right one, it should have folders named “Documents,” “Library,” “Pocket,” and “tmp.” Click on the Pocket folder. You’ll have to do a lot of scrolling here. All the files are arranged alphabetically, so keep scrolling until you hit things that begin in M, N, O, and P. Eventually you should see a file named “patternTable.csv.txt.” [We want patternTABLE, not patternCOLORS.] Click on that file (in Text Viewer, if it asks you) and it should bring up a list of all the frogs, their names, and levels.  “Pattern ID,name,level” should be across the top of the page. All right, so now that you’re here, click on the book in the bottom right corner to Add Bookmark, because we both know you’ll want to use this ability to your advantage in the future and adding this page as a bookmark makes things a ton easier. 

After you’re done bookmarking, click “Edit” in the top left corner and click on the page beside “Anura” where is should have a number 1 in the “level” row. Change that level to 250 (it’s the highest the game will go). Click “save” in the top right hand corner and “done”. If on a newer iOS with this capability, double click the home button to bring up your quick menu (or multitasking menu) on the bottom of the screen. Press and hold on the pocket frogs app until an x comes up in the corner. “Delete” it off your quick menu.
Exit out of your quick menu. Click on the app. It should bring up the Pocket Frogs loading screen. Now go into your mailbox. Voila! You should have 250-some frogs at level 250. (Make sure you change the level BEFORE you begin putting them in your habitat after the first two frogs, or else you’ll have to wait 48 hours for them to hatch or mess with the time on your device!)

So now that they are all at level 250 and around 244,000 coins each (max value), begin placing them in your habitats and promptly selling them! Every four or so frogs will get you a million coins!
So that little Anura you bought for, what, how many coins? Five hundred? That amount was multiplied around 488 times to get to 244,000. And 244,000 multiplied by 255 (the amount of frogs in your mailbox) is 62,220,000 coins! Appreciate this cheat. It will make you rich in a matter of minutes. 

Thanks for your time!
Vickerooni out.


Don't forget to check out my blog post on how to quickly fill up your froggydex! (
Plus+ ID: Vickerooni
(How to breed and obtain chroma and glass frogs: